I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I received my Master of Education in Mental Health Counseling and my Master of Arts in Psychological Counseling from Teachers College, Columbia University. I was drawn to becoming a therapist because I saw the collective trauma of racism and police brutality in the Black community and wanted to be trained on the skills to assist other people of color with their mental health. Since I graduated, I have sought out positions to work with people of color in often marginalized communities through child welfare, the criminal justice system, and private practice. All of the positions I have held have highlighted the need for safe spaces for people of color to process their mental health. After working with incarcerated women of color, I decided to pursue working with women of color as my area of specialty. The intersection of being a woman and of color is a unique experience. Often, for cultural and societal reasons, women of color don’t have time or space to focus on themselves for healing. As a Caribbean woman, I understand this first hand and, as a result, I strive to provide a healing space in my practice. I intimately understand the stigma that is often a barrier to reaching out for help. My goal is to be one of the Black mental health practitioners working toward community healing and eradicating this stigma. Let me support you in standing against this stigma and making time to focus on your wellbeing.

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